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EMS Established to Aid Elders in Aging Peacefully

Pat E. Medford, owner/mediator, Elder Mediation Services, provides an
array of conflict prevention, conflict resolution and mediation services to
elders, their families and others in Oregon and Southwest Washington.
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Elder mediation is a new specialty area within the field of mediation and
provides a tool to help elders and others in their lives as they progress
through the difficult decisions that impact their quality-of-life.

Elder mediation is mediation of any conflict involving an elder, their
family members or others in their lives, directly or indirectly.
Pat uses a holistic approach to the broad spectrum of issues
encountered as we age
.  In addition to her facilitation and mediation
skills, Pat is familiar with the aging process and the resources available in
the community.  She has a basic working knowledge of key legal and
medical concepts that impact elders’ lives, however,  she does not give
substantive or legal advice.  Participants may conduct some research
between sessions, following up on topics and services referenced by Pat.

Conflict situations can involve one or more of the following
Case Examples
Elder Mediation Services
Pat E. Medford
Pat E. Medford
I can help you "turn over a new leaf" and communicate more effectively!
Housing/Living Arrangements
Estate Planning & Probate   
Guardianship or
Conservatorship Issues
Social Life & Activities
Healthcare Planning
Spirituality & Aging
Medical Treatment
End-of-Life Decisions
Financial Management
Ongoing Relationships
Consumer Issues
Pat practices facilitative mediation in which, as a neutral third person,
she assists two or more participants to reach a voluntary agreement which
resolves a dispute or provides options for the future.  In this consensual,
confidential process, Pat helps the participants identify their individual
needs and interests, communicate them to the other participants, listen
effectively to understand each participant’s perspective, clarify their
differences and find common ground.  She does not take sides, decide
who is right or wrong or provide legal advice or therapy.  

The elder participates to the fullest extent possible, with or without a
representative, thus maintaining his or her dignity and autonomy and
providing a voice in the decisions impacting his or her life.  When family or
other on-going relationships are involved, elder mediation assists those
parties involved to work together to decide, sometimes by trial and re-
evaluation, how they want to resolve conflicts in which they are involved.  
Relationships are preserved or even improved.
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